Botanical Grooming for Pets

We avoid parabens and synthetics in our own beauty and wellness products, so why not for your pets? Aroma Paws has created shampoos, conditioners, and soothing emollients that are free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Made with all natural oils and extracts, the fragrances are so aromatic, you may be tempted to try them yourself.




Ear Cleaners

Nail Clippers

...and more

Luxury Dog Spa & Grooming 

Sandal weather may be over for people, but your barefoot canine has year-round exposure to everyday weather and terrain. Pavement, sand, mud, snow and ice are rough on your pooch’s paws. So plan a date night with your faithful companion for an at-home mani and pedi. And if he’s a good, throw in a cucumber facial.

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