When I opened the Dog Bodega in the old General Store in tiny Churchtown, it attracted an unexpected stream of visitors. Now and then, someone steps through the door, looks around at the changed interior, and spontaneously reminisces about their childhood bike rides to what was once the neighborhood deli and ice cream shop. One visitor even recalled working at the store as a teenager three decades ago.


 As they look around, they see that the cold cuts, cones, produce and milk have been replaced by dog carriers, collars and leashes, toys, grooming tools, dog food and treats, and the other paraphernalia that canine lovers lavish on their pets. But times change, and the conversation inevitably turns to their favorite topic: their dogs, past and present.


As a dog owner myself, I've tested many products, and at the Dog Bodega, I stock both the basics and specialty items from all over the world. Need help with a crate, the raw food diet, or sizing a collar? Come visit. I'll help you find everything you need to care for the little wolf that is your best friend, at whatever stage of life.


I'll leave a bowl of water out on the porch.




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